Truth Sentry II WLS Power Window System


Truth Sentry II WLS Power Window System

Truth's next generation of power window systems: Sentry II WLS for windows and light skylights up to 75 lbs. Based on the powerful and reliable mechanics from our previous motorization system, we've added a new digital electronics package with built in power conversion.

Kit includes:

  • -Motor
  • -Cover
  • -Wall Switch
  • -Mounting Hardware
  • -Instruction Booklet


  • Retrofits onto casement and awning windows and light skylights normally operated with a hand crank.
  • Power Conversion built right into the wall mounted control package which accepts direct connection of 110 VAC power. No more transformers to complicate and add expense to the installation.
  • RF Remote compatibility built into all motor control packages as a standard feature. Simply order the optional remote to add new and exciting control capability for the homeowner.
  • Rain Sensor is standard with all kits, automatically closes the window or skylight at the first sign of moisture.
  • No special preparation is required by the window or skylight manufacturer. The kits are suitable for new contruction or retrofit applications.
Price: $745.24