Truth Casement Window Operator [Ellipse Style] All Colors and All Finishes | 9.5" / 9 1/2" / 13.5" Arm

SKU: OT-205-1E -206-2E -1E -3E


All Your Styles .. All Your Replacement Operators - Truth Casement Window Operator | Ellipse Style | All Colors | All Finishes | Available in the 7.5" 9.5" and 13.5" Arm Lengths and All Other Parts for TRUTH Window Hardware Replacements, Truth Casement Window Operators, Hinges, Tracks and Other Styles, We have all the styles and hard to find parts.


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Truth Hardware Manufacturing Company has recently discontinued many older styles of the Old Entrygard Style casement operators and replaced them with a newer, more modernized looking operator body called the "Ellipse" - and although the look may be new, the basics of operation is the same and the mounting hole configuration matches perfectly - so no new holes or re-drilling is required. The body is still a diecast zinc alloy, with a hardened steel arm and gear. We also have the replacement casement tracks to work with the Ellipse Operators; Bronze, White and Gold are available; Different Arm Lengths and Finishes are available;  13-1/2" Single Arm, 9 1/2" and 7 1/2" ..  simply specify color and arm lengths needed at the comment section at checkout.





OT Series, OT-205-1E -206-2E -1E -3E 

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