Roto Gear Operator with Guide Bar Handle and Shoe Studs - 24.75"



Roto Operator with Guide Bar, Model # TH-PPP-6, Used on larger awning windows (28" wide or more). Available in bronze or gold color.only; Shipped complete with #11454 crank handle, two 10005 shoe studs and guide bar #30568; Used with #1315 Awning Window Hinge. Please specify color at checkout in the "comments" section.


Available in three different linkage configurations to address corner pullin, this operator is designed to provide positive control of the sash in any position. A simple detach feature disengages the operator from the sash for quick window removal. An optional torsion bar is available on single-pull models to deflect the sash and improve the seal at the corners. A dual-pull model or Guide Bar attachment provides additional stability to a wide sash in the open position. Model #pp-16 uses a guide bar attachment on the window sash which locates the closing force closer to the corners of the sash. Truth recommends you apply two sash locks for security and added control of windows.

Price: $122.65