Peachtree Windows Repair Replacement Parts Tilt / Non-Tilt Balances Jamb-Liners Carrier Track Single Double Hung

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PEACHTREE WINDOW PARTS, Channel and Spring Balance Parts ID Help with all old Peachtree windows and door parts, Double Hung Window service replacement and hardware - Balances, Jamb Liners, Jamb Sash Carrier Tracks and Parts - Peachtree Window Parts 1984-1993, 1993-2002, 2003-2008, Tilt / Non-Tilt Balances Jamb-Liners Carrier Tracks.


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Measure channel length, and ID the stamping number on the channel, Here are the PEACHTREE Part No. Length of Metal Channel Number Stamped on Balance Peachtree Window Size 60P-134 14.25" 13.25-4 D2436, D3036 60P-135 14.25" 13.25-6 D3636, D4236 60P-154 16.25" 15.25-4 D2440, D3040 60P-155 16.25" 15.25-5 D3640 60P-156 16.25" 15.25-6 D4240 60P-194 20.25" 19.25-4 D2448, D3048, D3648 60P-196 20.25" 19.25-6 D4248 (***) 60P-223 23.25" 22.25-3 D2454, D3054 60P-224 23.25" 22.25-4 D3654, D3666C* 60P-229 23.25" 22.25-9 D4254, D4266C* (***) 60P-253 26.25" 25.25-3 D2460, D3060 60P-254 26.25" 25.25-4 D3660 60P-255 26.25" 25.25-5 D4260 60P-313 32.25" 31.25-3 D2472 60P-314 32.25" 31.25-4 D3072, D3672, D3666C** 60P-315 32.25" 31.25-5 D4272, D4266C** 60P-316 32.25" 31.25-6 D4272 60P-319 32.25" 31.25-9 D4272, D4266C** (***) Please note that C denotes Cottage Window. * Upper Sash / ** Lower Sash. *** Denotes use with tempered glass.

Catalog Size Code Visible Glass Size (WIDTH X HEIGHT) Price C1824 13x19  C1836 13x31  C1840 13x35  C1848 13x43  C1854 13x49  C1860 13x55  C1866 13x61  C1872 13x67  C2424 19x19  C2436 19x31  C2440 19x35  C2448 19x43  C2454 19x49  C2460 19x55  C2466 19x61  C2472 19x67  C3036 25x31  C3040 25x35  C3048 25x43  C3054 25x49  C3060 25x55  C3066 25x61  C3072 25x67  C3636 31x31  C3640 31x35  C3648 31x43  C3654 31x49  C3660 31x55  Find Glass Identification code.

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