MULTI-POINT REPAIR PARTS KIT - Lock Temp Changeover Repair Parts

SKU: 850 8778175 8778170

Just For Your customers with multi-point door locking problems that need to be solved!! It only takes a small investment to get you started in the multipoint locking system repair after market - All you need is our  Model 850-8778170 and 850-8778175 single point lock set parts ( See both in pics ) 1/38 backset , 850-8778175 is for 1 3/4 backset - both have 1/2" deadbolt throw.This will allow you to go out onyour service call .. remove the broken multipoint lock set .. and install a single point lock to secure your customer's door until the multipoint lock is repaired or replaced. You can then take the broken lock back to your shop to determine all the needs or research for a repair or needed replacement parts. We recommend you have both units on hand .. and have priced "both" as a service techs parts package.


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Price: $248.88