BiltBest Double Hung Window Roll Form Aluminum Clad Kit

SKU: DH-14

BlitBest Double Hung Window Roll Form Aluminum Clad Kit

ROLL-FORMED - Double Hung Window Cladding. Replace your "hail-damaged" or old, faded Bilt-Best Pro-Clad / e-Clad Double Hung Sash Frame Cladding with new parts for that ultimate restoration. Even if you have the wood exterior units you can add the "clad" and never paint again. You can upgrade your OEM DOUBLE HUNG UNITS and have an aluminum clad wood for a low maintenance window exterior sash. Extremely durable and significantly stronger and a superior resistance to fading and chalking .. and best of all - NO PAINTING! Standard Color Options in Bronze, Sandstone and White. High-performance roll-formed aluminum made in USA. Installation instructions available. Replacement Cladding is Sold "Per Unit" .. and includes all four (4) pieces for either a TOP SASH .. or BOTTOM SASH

Please complete the Double Hung Window questionnaire for measuring your units.  How To Measure For Clad


Roll-Formed Cladding Restoration Parts Kits

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