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All types of window balance systems, 60A, 60AX, 62, 60 Series, 72, 84, and 89 Series, Channel and Spring balances, Spiral Balances - more different balance series than anyone. No other online parts supplier can do more! Complete Jambliner and Plastic Jamb Carrier Track Systems for S/H and D/H Windows [ Single Hung / Double Hung ] , tilting and Non-Tilting styles. 870, 860, 900, 901, 909, Crossbow [cross bow] Balance Series Parts, Tilt Window Balances, cross-bow block and tackle balances are a popular and growing platform for wood window designers, restoration contractors, historic restorations and more. Balance Systems for Windows - Hard to Find LT-960-SP Series, the [Arrow] Crossbow Balance System Parts starting at $ 16.88 and Up.


CrossBow Balances How-To 

1. Measure your balance length ( including the end cap )
2. Determine Color of End Cap - Black or White?
3. Based on "length" of balance and color of cap provide us that information.
4. Determine clip attached to spring and provide picture or type from below.


NOTE: This information is based on 2 balances per sash. Balances are designed assuming friction in the jamb weather-strip will carry a portion of the sash weight. Suggested sash weights are approximate; Balances are sold by the PAIR ONLY as we believe you should never replace one only - you should always replace window balances in pairs, and at the same time. Color options represent different strengths. Choose the color that best resembles the color of the balance cap/top of the balances you are replacing. If you do not see your color ask our experts for help; Partial Line Card Parts For: ACADIA, ACORN, ALENCO, ANDERSEN, ANDERSON , BENCHMARK, BETTER-BILT, CERTAINTEED COLUMBIA, CRAFTLINE, CRESTLINE, CROSSLY, KRESTMARK, LOUISIANA PACIFIC, MARVIN, METAL INDUSTRIES, MILCO, MILGARD, NATIONAL, NORANDEX, PEACHTREE, PELLA, SLIMFOLD, STANLEY, THERMALGARD, WEATHERCRAFT, WENCO and others. 


All types of window balance parts

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